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More Success with A&D
from Lori H.

I have not been to this site for some time.  I was so glad to see that others are having success with the A & D.  I have been using it for a couple of months now, and can truly say that it has helped more than any topical prescription.  I have also been taking Vitamin A and D supplements.  My lesions are far from gone but have drastically improved.  Keep you posted. Sincerely, -Lori H.


Ed’s Response:  This is great news, Lori.  (Readers:  Look up A&D in the Archives here to read previous correspondence about this ointment.)  It stands to reason that an ointment made specifically to combat diaper rash would (a) be gentle, and (b) probably help ease the irritation of other skin conditions as well. 

Evidently A&D Ointment — which is a popular, over the counter product available in most drug stores and supermarkets — has been a flaker’s friend for a long time.  While the manufacturers do not claim — and most flaker’s I’ve heard from who use it also do not claim — the product will heal P lesions, it’s such a good moisturizer that it evidently palliates some of the complications associated with dry scale build up on active lesions, including the scale itself (probably makes this easier to slough off) and itching associated with the lesion (if it's suppler it's less likely to be irritated and itch).

Your vitamin supplements may be helping, too.  Thanks for the report and stay in touch, Lori.  -Ed

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