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Kalawalla Helped Her
from Susan G.

Ed’s Preface:  Last September, Susan G. broke out with skin lesions she self-diagnosed as P.  She discovered a site on the Internet selling a product called “Kalawalla (http://www.organichope.com/kala.htm) and emailed me asking if I had heard about it.  I hadn’t and sent Susan this response:

This is very interesting, Susan.  Thanks for sharing it.  I don't have any knowledge of Kalawalla.  In general, most food supplements advertising benefits for P probably will benefit some percentage of people with P, but I think this has most to do with the wide variety of P triggers and the fact that ANYTHING we ingest has some ramifications.  So, like tossing dice, there is some chance....  That's the good news.

The bad news is that at $35 for a month's supply, Organic Hope can probably afford a lot of refunds and still make money.

Dr. K. [billed as “CMO” — Chief Medical Officer? — for Organic Hope. -Ed] writes "You will not have any problems with other medical prescriptions..."  Such declarative language is always a red flag to me.  The Drs I tend to trust never say "never."  Unless the recommended dosage of polypodium leucotomos extract in this product [active ingredient –Ed]  is low enough to defy notice, it's difficult to believe anyone could anticipate any possible physiological response or substance interaction.  Don't you find it odd that Dr. K. didn't use the usual rejoinder:  "No evidence of drug interactions has been noted...."? 

... It appears it will cost you about $100 to give it a fair try.... 

Let me know what you do.  Regrettably I can't reproduce Dr. K.'s email to you at FlakeHQ.  But as the story unfolds, I'd like to post something. 

In April, 2002, Susan emailed this to me:


Hi, Ed:  I finally decided to try the Kalawalla, and I want to let you know how it’s working.  I have been taking Kalawalla for 3 months, now.  The psoriasis on my head is pretty much gone.  I had it in small spots almost all over my body — legs, back, stomach, back of the neck — and they are all almost completely gone.  The spots on my hands and elbows are taking longer, but I think it’s because I have trouble not picking at them.  They do look better than they ever did with the prescription medicine I was using.  The only side effect I’ve noticed is an increase in abdominal gas toward the end of the day.  Taking 3 capsules before bed, as opposed to during the day, helps with that. 

It is worth it, not to have the psoriasis so badly.  I have been led to think 3-6 months is all you have to take it and have ordered another 3-month supply.  I do find that hard to believe, but I will take it forever if it keeps this stuff off me without chemicals and going to the doctor all the time! 

I was so worried about not being able to wear shorts and short sleeves in our 100-degree summers here, but now I can.  by the way, my dermatologist pretty much scorned the stuff when I asked him about it.  Said that if it worked, it would be in their manuals.  You have to do your own research to gain knowledge and watch out for yourself these days.  I know I was basically being a guinea pig by trying it, but it is paying off.  Knowledge is power.  God loves you.  The link to Kalawalla site is (see above). –Susan G.


Ed’s Response:  Can’t knock success!  I went back to look at the original batch of emails Susan had sent — including those from Dr. K., Chief Medical Officer for Organic Hope.  Note:

“Kalawalla has been successfully used in Europe to treat psoriasis for over 10 years.  In fact, in some countries such as in Spain, it has an OTC status.  You can ask your doctor to review the information regarding polypodium leucotomos extract (Kalawalla) and psoriasis treatment.  On the bottom of our web page, you can find many links to medical journals regarding the use of polypodium leucotomos extract and psoriasis.  You can then review the articles straight from the med journals yourself.” –Dr. K.

I did a very cursory review of the literature Dr. K. references.  In one journal article citation (a short summation — you must pay to read the entire article via MedLine), over 60% of some 490 patients studied experienced appreciable improvement using Kalawalla.  Note that this includes calculating a number of patients who dropped out of the study presumably because the medicine was working “too slow.” 

These kinds of results are what we expect to see of many natural and dietary-based regimens for P.  While a “6 in 10” chance of improvement after 3 months of trying are certainly better odds than playing the lottery, for many severe flakers this does not put the Kalawalla regimen on the highly desirable list.  (Frankly, we want even better odds.)  On the other hand, for flakers with patience and an endurable level of severity, especially if their desire is to avoid other treatments with known bad side effects, this elevates Kalawalla’s standing on the highly desirable list. When I’m told my time’s up on the systemics — and if the biologics aren’t available to me for whatever reason (Amevive, Xanelim, Enbrel...) — I will most certainly consider Kalawalla.  My fear is an explosive relapse of my condition prolonging (or preventing) the effectiveness of this natural regimen.

Thanks, Susan, for sharing all this with us.  I hope we’ve provided enough information here for people with an interest to learn more and to seriously consider Kalawalla.  And — it goes without saying — we’d like to hear from anyone else who has tried this.  -Ed

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