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Dovonex WITH Ultravate
from Lars

Ed- I just found your site.... Good stuff.  I've been suffering from P for 10 years now.  It's throughout my family — Grandpa, Dad, brother — we all have it.  I have the worst case:  Very severe at one point, affecting 70% of my body.

PUVA worked for a while.

I had very good success with Dovonex, but here's the catch: Dovonex does not work well unless it is taken with a steroid like Ultravate.  I was slathering up on that combo twice a day and it worked very well.  –Lars


Ed’s Response:  Good comment, Lars.  I tried Dovonex shortly after it was introduced and it worked about as well as spit.  (Spit don’t work.)  I reported on my experiences here.  Later I read in some NPF literature that many derms were prescribing it compounded with corticosteroids.  Then my derm mentioned it, too. 

I couldn’t quite figure why go to all the extra expense to add Dovonex to the corticosteroid if you knew it was the latter that was doing the good?  The Dovonex is supposed to have fewer side effects and, I suppose, compounding it with a corticosteroid means less of the steroid is necessary. 

Anyway, I’m glad you’re finding success with it.  Stay in touch.  -Ed

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