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The Mysterious Dr. Connolly
from Amira P.

Dear Ed:  I just happened to see your web site. My Dad had a VERY bad case of P. Three years ago I found an ad in a magazine about Dr. Connolly's Book Psoriasis Can Be Cured. I got it for my Dad. He followed the diet and has been almost Psoriasis free for the past 3 years. No more PUVA treatment, etc. Maybe you would like to write more about it so more people would try the diet. It really helped my Dad. I ordered the book through this number  (800)-628-4XXX.   It was 3 years ago so I do not really know if this number is still available. [I’ve X’d out the last digits because I tried the number and found it now belongs to a Lexus dealership in California. -Ed] Good luck. Sincerely, -Amira P.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for dropping by with another morsel about the enigmatic Dr. Connolly, Amira.  A year ago, Sheryl H. wrote about Connolly’s book titled No Pork which I was unable to find.  Regrettably, I had no better luck looking for Psoriasis Can Be Cured.

The most comprehensive listing of P-books I’ve been able to find on the net is Jerry J.’s list (also added to “Other Places” here this month).  No titles by Connolly are listed there (but then, neither is Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic) so, again, I’m suspecting Connolly’s books (are there 2 or more?) do not have ISBN numbers.

Anybody with more information about Dr. Connolly and his books?  Please let us know what you know.  -Ed

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