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Another A&D Ointment Fan
from Roger D.

Background:  A&D Ointment—Add P to the List of What’s It’s Good For

Hi Ed: Just finished reading this month's mail on the site and wanted to let you know about my experience with Vitamin A + Vitamin D Ointment.  This is exactly what it says, vitamin A and vitamin D in a lanolin-petrolatum base. What I've always bought over the counter at the drug store is manufactured by E. Fougera & Co. of Melville, NY. It comes in one pound containers.

While I've never seen actual remission associated with using the ointment, I've found it relieves itching (lanolin and petrolatum account for that) and works as an exfoliative, so soon after use there are no more scales. For some hours after application, though, it makes my lesions bright red. I often use it the night before going to camp, so I still have my lesions, but they don't appear so ashen and there is no flaking. [Roger’s camp is a nudist camp. -Ed]

By the way, the ointment's indications include diaper rash, minor burns, sunburn, and minor skin irritations.

Additionally, since it is essentially petroleum jelly, it doesn't soak in and remains quite greasy on the skin for a long time. It'll definitely make you stick to your sheets if you put it on right before bedtime.

I’ve been using it for almost 10 years. It may not do great things, but definitely does no harm.  Regards, -Roger D.


Ed’s Response:  Something just occurred to me, Roger.  Getting a product endorsement for an anti-flaking product from a flaker who is also a nudist has got to be about the best endorsement any manufacturer could want!  Thanks for adding your experience with A&D Ointment to Nancy S.’s.  -Ed

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