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Might Son’s Head Lice be P?
from D.C.

Greetings: After stumbling upon your website I read with jaw hanging open and am now wondering if the chronic "head lice" my 15 year old has had since Christmas could actually be psoriasis.

He has always had dandruff and occasional itching. I have a mild psoriasis in my scalp only which flares up now and then and is controlled with tar shampoo.

We have done everything — treatments, medicines, nitpicking, even shaving his head. Still, the nit-like things reappear, hanging onto the hair shafts. In 6 months we have never seen a live bug! Also, NO ONE else has "caught" them — not friends, not family. 

I sent samples of what I was pulling from his hair to the CDC and they said it was not lice but could offer no suggestions as to what it might be, except “possibly dandruff.”  Neither could two pediatricians — they just kept prescribing more poisons.

My question:  Have you ever heard of the effects of Psoriasis so closely resembling a nit casing that it had to be slid off the hair?  I sure would appreciate any opinion you might offer.  Sincerely, -D.C.


Ed’s Response:  When my scalp P is at its worst, D.C., I’m sliding crusties off my hair all the time.  When my scalp is dry and a comb digs into the piles of flake build-up, usually the biggest whole chunks are wrapped around one or more hair shafts and they do, literally, have to be pulled up and slid off the hair.

Also, in retrospect we suspect the “terrible dandruff” I experienced for two years before I was diagnosed a flaker was in fact psoriasis.

What I don’t know is if this is similar to “nit casings.”  Maybe other readers will have something to contribute.

You may want to take your son to a dermatologist with other pediatric psoriasis cases.  If you can get a confirmation that your son’s condition is scalp psoriasis you are halfway to finding some more appropriate treatments.  Good luck, and let us know what happens.  -Ed

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