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Psorigon War Update
from Cherry S.

Hi Ed: Pharmavita has announced that 7000 people are waiting for the re-launch of Psorigon and they expect to re-launch it in November 2000. I spoke to our Medicines Control Agency (England), and as far as they are concerned they feel this is highly unlikely, and also unlikely for Psorigon to get a UK license because of the way they have behaved (putting the steroid in).

We now have 5 people joining the court action and more are expected to follow when we go public in May. It will never go back on the market as we knew it and used it. When I discover what the active steroid was I'll let you know, but you know that we can't use them [steroids] long term. Regards, -Cherry S.


Ed’s Response: History...

For general background from Psoriasis Hall of Pshame 

The article at Pshame suggests the potent steroid at work in Psorigon is clobetasol propionate, at about half the strength allowed in potent prescription topicals in the U.S.

From Cherry S.: Mustering Psorigon Victims in the U.K. (March ‘00) 
From Cherry S.: Update on Cherry's Psorigon War in U.K. (April ‘00) 

Thanks Cherry. Please keep the reports coming. -Ed

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