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Dr. Tirant’s Treatment in Australia
from Wendy
(LATE BREAKING follow-up at bottom of this page)

Hi there. A flaker from Australia here. I’m a relative newcomer to your excellent site and I love the idea of all of us sharing the knowledge we’ve gained. I mean after all, the so-called experts don’t really know what it’s like, do they? Therefore, I’d like to pass on what has helped me greatly.

My story is the same old stuff—had it for years, tried everything, ruining my life, etc, etc. After trying all the ‘wonders of modern medicine’ to no avail, I was left with the strong feeling that the solution had to involve more than just throwing drugs and chemicals at it, which seemed to do more harm than good.

After a year of seeing a naturopath which had made me very healthy but still spotty (although much better than for years) my dear old Dad suggested I contact a clinic he’d seen advertised in the morning paper: the Skin & Psoriasis Clinic. I figured, what the heck, if this guy’s making it his life’s work, he might be worth a visit. So, I’ve been following his dietary guidelines for nine months now and, apart from half a dozen spots the size of a pin-head, I’m clear and have at long last spent a hot Australian summer in sleeveless dresses.

So, go to the website— (NOT—remember to add the au—it’s an Australian site). You’ll find a run-down of the treatment under the ‘history’ section. OK, so it involves purchasing his products, but I’m here to tell you they’re not expensive and they do work. And after a few months I no longer needed the creams and now just follow the diet and water guide. It’s easy to do: 3 big serves of green vegies a week; avoid all the no-no’s (but if I can’t avoid them, like at dinner parties, I just drink lots of water and make sure I don’t eat them again for a while); guzzle water—hot or cold; do a bit of meditation when I get the chance, or go for long walks and voila—I’m a happy, healthy, spot-free person.

I should mention that as well as following this regimen, I also started taking St. John’s Wort (Hypericum) about two months ago because I was going through a particularly stressful time and my spots were threatening to flare. (If you’re unfamiliar with it, Hypericum is a herbal version of Prozac, but much gentler and non-addictive, it just takes the edge off any tension. Since the one thing just about everyone agrees on is the role stress plays in P, a calming substance makes sense).

It’s not a cure, or a quick fix, but it’s the best thing I’ve found in 15 years of having psoriasis. Give it a go. -Wendy


Ed’s Response: Wendy, thanks for emailing this. I’m sure you did so purely to share your success with fellow flakers, but it was a difficult decision for me to post this. I have received other emails like this—as have most psoriasis site managers—that are veiled pitches by commissioned sales reps. I finally decided to post your email because I checked out the site and decided sharing is better than censorship. By posting this, other P-site managers (The Skin Page, Dave’sPsoriasisInfo, and others) will be alerted and may investigate and publish their own opinions.

There were some things about Dr. Tirant’s regimen—he’s the Australian dermatologist behind the products and process—that I found ‘off-putting’ and other things I found compelling, and that’s why I decided to go ahead and post.

I was intrigued right from the web site’s splash page by the claim, "We address the triggers, not just treat the symptoms." If that’s in fact the case I applaud the initiative, because we all know treating just the lesions is treading water. On the other hand, triggers are not well understood and addressing them is controversial. Obviously, at least some of the triggers Dr. Tirant is addressing are dietary. Some people believe that’s the whole story ... and it may be.

Further into the site I took a look at the section titled "Clinical Trial." This ended up being 5 people (subjects) undertaking the regimen under the third eye of the Psoriasis Association of Victoria. While some would argue the experiences of 5 people don’t constitute anything statistically significant, I encourage those interested to read their testimonials. There is just enough lack of complete success—some reported reversion to more conventional therapies later on—to give them a level of credibility we don’t see in claims made by others (e.g., Exorex).

I was also impressed in your report—further confirmed in the subject testimonials—that once a certain level of remission is achieved you and others stopped using the products Dr. Tirant sells. I don’t know of any successful snake oil salesmen who ever suggest you stop using their product. Dr. Tirant made a significant deposit into my emotional bank account with that one.

My major disappointment had to do with the products section at the site. These include ointments, moisturizers, conditioners, gels, liver pills and toning formulations—some evidently proprietary to Dr. Tirant but not all. While I can buy products from my derm, too, I am used to having active ingredients fully disclosed, which is not the case (at this writing) at

There is a cautionary note in the products section that some of the products require an office visit before they will be sold. This dumped a bit more emotional currency into my bank account. It suggested to me that Dr. Tirant is not trying to launch a global web/mail direct sales operation. (Is he?)

In the end, I found the site informative. Because the products are pricey (even converted to U.S. dollars) I doubt whether I would undertake the regimen. I’m not even sure it could be completely and successfully attempted "long distance." I would ask many questions before attempting it. But if it’s working for some of us, as it has for you and did for at least five others, it warrants examination and consideration. Thanks, Wendy, for bringing it to our attention. -Ed



Ed Anderson, ( supplied this link from the newsgroup archives:

(Click on RETURN to thread at the top of any of the posts cited on this page.)

Among other things, Brian H.'s last post in this thread contains an ingredients list for some of the products Tirant is selling.

Ed Anderson also pointed out the Chaparral tablets Tirant sells at his web site are problematic. 

NOTE: This from an executive within Psoriasis and Skin Clinic in an email to Ed Dewke dated August 4, 2010: "...there is still a very old reference made to the use of Chaparral in our orals .... the use of this ingredient ceased over 9 years ago and all of our orals are Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration registered and all labels are listed with their AUST L registered number."

There are reports of deaths and liver toxicity from this product. (But no mention of same at Tirant's site.)  More info at, or follow any of the search threads set up at*. Thanks Ed Anderson!  

(Personal Note from Ed Dewke:  One of the problems with "adverse reactions" information about unregulated consumables and over-the-counter dietary supplements is that the reports frequently do not contain enough specific information to allow a conclusion.  How MUCH of the product did the person with an adverse reaction consume? Over what period of time? What was the person's health PRIOR TO or DURING consumption?  The value of adverse reaction reports is that they WARN, and if you elect to consume the product anyway, you should be ON GUARD and consult a physician for monitoring.  Let us be reminded that there are adverse reaction reports for virtually every systemic medicine prescribed for treating P, too.)  

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