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Narrowband UVB & Breast Feeding?
from CG

Hi Ed: I often take my condition so seriously (I have been afflicted since about 11 yrs old and am now 28) I forget that it can be funny at times, too. Thank you for introducing a little levity on the topic.

Here is my question : I just had a baby (skin was wonderful for those 9 months) and now that my daughter is 4 months old my P seems to have come back with a vengeance. My dermatologist here (I am an American living in Hong Kong) had me start narrowband UVB light treatments about 2 months ago assuring me that it would not enter my breast milk (I am still nursing). All of the sudden I am experiencing panic attacks that maybe it could? Do you know anything about this? I have not put on any topical medication precisely for that reason but he has promised that there is no absorption when using light treatments.

I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your help. -CG


Ed’s Response: On April 27 I posted your inquiry at PsorHeads in the "Treatments" forum. If you haven’t already, CG, check there (click on the icon here). At this writing there were already two responses (significantly different, I might add!).

I was unable to find any reference to narrowband UVB that would contradict what your derm has suggested. I was unable to find any reference to ANY LIGHT THERAPY that would endanger breast feeding. So I can’t contribute any fuel to your panic attack.

It must be an exciting time to live in Hong Kong, CG. Have you run into any non-traditional P treatments you can share with us? Any that involve sipping exotic drinks while reposed on a high veranda watching twilight approach over the harbor?... -Ed

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