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Carbonized Triplicate Paper a Trigger?
from Alan M.

Hi, my name is Alan. I am 44 years old and have watched the skin on my hands deteriorate over the last ten years. Several "Patch tests" have shown no allergy and although there have been clear spells over the years they are becoming less frequent and shorter in duration. Currently the P is fairly widespread and swelling. I think the swelling is caused by the cracked skin. I’m experiencing some limited movement of my fingers. I have just been prescribed Neotigason for the first time.

Although patch testing showed no allergies I have long had a suspicion about carbonized triplicate paper being involved. My business relies on its use and it would be a major problem to change things. Has anyone else encountered problems with this paper? If so I would be pleased to hear from them. Thanks, -Alan M.


Ed’s Response: On April 25, I took the liberty of copying your email on the PsorHeads Forum about the Science of Psoriasis.  The dialogue will, hopefully, attract more insightful comments there.

I, like you Alan, have long suspected an association between P and allergies. Most derms and GPs I've asked about the connection just grunt and shrug their shoulders.  I have a son-in-law who works with very strange chemicals at a foam molding plant and he gets what looks exactly like P on his hands, too.

I'll keep my eyes on the thread at PsorHeads.  -Ed

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