(April, 1999)

Chuckling About Dr. Singh
from Debbie D.

Hi! I just laughed so hard my stomach muscles feel like I did 100 sit ups! You are a funny man, Mr. Dewke. I just finished reading your short story about Dr. Singh—I really thought it was a true story. Arachnotherapy!!!!!!!!!! Ha!

This e-mail is to say thank you for the laugh! Keep up the excellent living you do—life is meant to be lived, after all! YOU have inspired me, yet again! -Debbie D.


Ed's Response: Hi, Debbie. Good to hear from you. Glad you got a kick out of Dr. Singh. He gave me the creeps. I've got to stop reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz. ;-) Ed

Confessions of a Coward, and the Mysterious 'Dr. Singh'

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