(April, 1999)

Youthful Enthusiasm
from Nicola

Dear Ed: Just logged on today and found your website. What I found is of great interest to me as I have been a P sufferer for approximately 23 years. At the moment, I have only two small patches on my left leg that are being treated with creams, oil baths and 'E45,' which seems to help. I am also suffering mildly from arthritic psoriasis in my neck and fingers (possibly brought on by the long awaited for university results! [exams]). Anyway, to all sufferers: Life doesn't have to be bleak. I've managed now to beat the blues and smile on the hardest days. We do get through it. Although things like spicy food and alcohol are supposed 'no-nos,' I have found them to be a 'tonic.' Why not consume them to your content and remember: We are only here once! Thanks, -Nicola


Ed's Response: Glad you found us, Nicola. Observing enthusiasm bulwarked by a refusal to be intimidated by P can, in itself, be a ‘tonic' for all of us. Here's hoping your university results were satisfactory! -Ed

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