(April, 1999)

Skin Cap Devotee Back from the War
from Ann S.

Dear Mr. Dewke: I just visited your Flake site for the first time and found it extremely refreshing!

My story is not at all unique. I've been suffering from psoriasis for about 18 years now (I just turned 30). For about the first ten of those years, I visited too many dermatologists to even remember. Nothing helped. Several years ago, I found what I thought was my psoriatic salvation—Skin Cap. I'm sure you know all about that, so there's no need to go into it any more.

I've not been to a doctor for my psoriasis for about eight years, first because of frustration, second because I lost all insurance coverage. Now, finally, I have insurance again, and I think it's time to go back to a doctor. I'm so out of the loop, though. I'm trying to re-educate myself on psoriasis as much as I can so I can be informed when I go for that office visit. Your site is a great help with that!

Mainly, though, I want to congratulate you on your site for it's sense of humor. All the hair-pulling, teeth gnashing, weeping, whining and wailing in the world isn't going to help my psoriasis (quite the opposite, probably!). I take the attitude "if you can't fix it—laugh at it!" It isn't always easy, as I'm sure you know. It is good to know there is a site I can visit to recharge my funny bone (even if it is still scaly!). Thanks for the great work!! -Ann S.


Ed's Response: Thanks, Ann. Sorry to hear you were/are one of the fans-cum-victims of the Skin Cap debacle. I haven't heard from anyone who, upon learning the known-to-work ingredient is available through prescript, switched to Temovate®. I would be interested to know if Skin Cap users have found Temovate® a satisfactory replacement. I tried Skin Cap twice—two cans, about a year apart—both times with unimpressive results. I didn't learn until clobetasol propionate was discovered in Skin Cap that it was the active ingredient (legally) in Temovate®, which I had been using for years. I suspect I was already deriving as much benefit from clobetasol propionate as I'm going to, hence the Skin Cap more or less did nothing for me.

Glad to learn we share attitudes about humor and our P, Ann. Those who can't find something to smile about in-behind-or-around their P probably don't linger here. Now that you've found us, do stay in touch! -Ed

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