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An Alternative Response to Inquiries
from Ron

Hi.  I just discovered your web site and was reading the "Don't Say This!" page, when a possible explanation came to mind that we could use when someone asks about our Psoriasis:

"I'm a member of Hell's Angels ... I hit some oil on the road while chasing down a fellow who looked a lot like you and was asking questions about my skin ... Me and my bike went down and I skidded 100 yards on my bare ass before chasing the guy down on foot and beating the snot out of him."

Be sure you're wearing lot's of leather, chains and fake tattoos.  ;-) -Ron


Ed’s Response:  I did laugh.  So ... Ron ... You work in what?  PR? 

Just my luck, I’ll remember this but get it backwards.  I’ll use it when the person I’m talking to is wearing lots of leather, chains and real tattoos.  -Ed

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