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Blindsided by Collagen Vascular Disease During Derm Visit
from Mary N.

Ed: I tried to do an e-mail for your forum, but I couldn't write a decent message. I am normally a very upbeat person, but today I got blindsided by my Derm. I left with no script for Ultravate Ointment (which is the only drug that has made a difference in my P for 35 years) because he thinks I have a collagen disease. I will have blood work done this week to check for kidney problems, Lupus, and rheumatological disorders. I have been having spontaneous bursting of capillaries on my arms and occasionally my legs. He told me that he was "very, very concerned about this problem." At the end of my 35 minute visit (that was a real bonus) I retreated to the front desk and was stared at by a full waiting room. I wanted to scream, “I FINALLY GOT SOME TIME TO DISCUSS MY PROBLEM!” but I was my typical self: I felt guilty that the other patients had to wait while I wasted his time trying to discover a treatment for a disease that has no cure.  -Mary N.


Ed’s Response:  Mary, I found this page at WebMD:  Collagen Vascular Disease.  It lists and has further links to six diseases that are all categorized as “collagen vascular disease.”  If you haven’t already found this web page, I recommend you go there.  I appreciate the anxiety you are going through, and learning all that you can about what might be ailing you helps thwart that anxiety.

P is one thing, but please don’t assume your capillary problem is incurable.  With a little luck you may find otherwise.  We’ll all be rooting for you!  Let us know what you learn.  -Ed

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