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P Spreading and Ready to Try Diet Changes
from Peggy

I just found your web site and it's great.  I haven't read all the archives but I will eventually.  I've had P for about 10 years and I hate it, it drives me crazy.  I have it on my scalp, face, ears, elbows, arms, knees, chin and it is spreading.  I read one from C. Love [Are We What We Eat?], I'm going to try her technique.  I hope it will help.  I've been to a derm and even in a study with them, and it didn't help.  I've tried creams and nothing happened.  I've read some things on Emu cream and oil.  Have you heard anything about this product?  I'm even thinking of trying this.  I don't wear make-up, but I'm thinking about starting, so I can cover up my face.  I am very self-conscious.  Everyone stares and they probably think I have too much blush on.  I could go on but I think I will stop here.  I look forward to reading more.  Thanks -Peggy


Ed’s Response:  Emu oil gets mentioned occasionally and I was surprised to find a search on that word here at FlakeHQ did not return any references (“hits”).  I guess I’ve heard of this particular oil outside of my FlakeHQ correspondence. 

Nor could I find any reference at the National Psoriasis Foundation web site; however you should check out their page on Alternative Therapies.  Click on “Dietary Supplements” from the subject menu on the right of your screen.

If you keep reading in the Archives, Peggy, I hope you’ll find some reasons to keep trying some therapies for which you need a derm’s prescription.  If your P is still spreading, you owe it to yourself to insure you’ve exhausted all the high-probability remedies (i.e., known through medical research to work some percentage of the time).  The sooner you get an actively-spreading case of P in check, the more likely it is you won’t have to resort to the more drastic and dangerous therapies later.

Keep us informed.  And, if you find anything we need to be reminded about in the archives here, let us know!  -Ed

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