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Does P Have a Natural Cycle of Waxing and Waning?
from Pete

Hi Ed and friends:  Thanks goes out to you and everyone else that participates on the subject of psoriasis. It helps to be reminded that we aren't alone in the odd business of P.

I have been wondering about something. I have noticed that my psoriasis tends to work in a cycle. For me, my P will improve every 3 or 4 weeks and then begin a new cycle of flare. I have paid attention to diet and to prescriptions, they both have an affect. But, there is always this underlying cycle that I can't seem to figure out. I am wondering about this cycle and the science of it.

My questions are these: Has anyone else noticed this cycle that happens beyond treatment? And, is there any study going on to find out what is happening in the body of a psoriatic when such a cycle finds it's way to improvement?

I just know that something happens in my body within this cycle to improve my P. I don't know how or why. I figure that there must be some hope in my kind of cycle, if only it can be depuzzled. I would think that the part of the cycle that improves my P would be a key towards complete relief. If I could send a message to someone who scientifically studies P, I'd have many similar questions.

I'm eagerly interested in all responses and input. 

Also, I am very happy about the hope seen in gene therapy. My new attitude, after almost 20 years, is that I/we may only have to suffer another 10 years until gene therapy grants our freedom from P. That's not such a long time.  Let's just be sure to keep the scientists happy and energized!  Regards, -Pete


Ed’s Response:  Well, the circadian cycle is 24 hours and the menstrual cycle is 28 days.  Who’s to say there isn’t a cycle behind P, too?  You would need to query flakers less likely to have cycles derailed by med regimens — in other words, I’m not a good test subject.

Could be that the cyclical aspect of your P is related to what triggers it.  We know that there is a vast diversity in what triggers peoples’ flaking, it seems very reasonable to me that some of those triggers might be biorhythm-related.

Every time I raise allergies as a possible trigger — or in any way related to P — I’m told I’m wrong; however, I know my allergies are triggered by climate changes.  Doesn’t that constitute a sort of rhythm (though about 4 times more protracted than your 3-4 week cycle)?

Anyway, Pete.  Let’s see what others have to say on the subject.  Thanks for bringing it up!  -Ed

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