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A & D Ointment — Add P to the List of What It’s Good For
from Nancy S.

Good morning Ed! I hope things are well.  I wrote to you last month about my guttate psoriasis outbreak after a strep infection [Crash Dieting Stopped Her Flaking].  I also had the plaque kind as a child.  My guttate had been getting worse all over my body except my face.  I have been trying everything over the counter to see if anything worked and waiting for the warmer weather and sunshine because I knew it would help. 

I did try the diet thing like I mentioned I might try and have lost a few pounds, but the really good news is this,  A+D ointment! You would not believe how it is helping regress my lesions in both flakiness and redness! I know when I was a child we never tried this.  For people who have their psoriasis limited to just a few areas the old "saran wrap" routine and A+D ointment might really help.  My psoriasis is just too widespread to do that.  I urge you please and your readers to try A+D ointment for a couple of days if they have not already. It certainly will not hurt. God bless! -Nancy S.


Ed’s Response:  You sent me on a fascinating search, Nancy.  I found a variety of references to A&D ointment for healing new tattoos or body piercings but none mentioning P specifically.  That’s okay ... once again (thanks to you) FlakeHQ breaks new ground!

A&D ointment refers to vitamins A and D which — perhaps not so coincidentally — happen to be the only 2 vitamins in the index of Dr. Lowe’s book, Psoriasis: A Patient’s Guide.  Of course, they are not referenced in connection with A&D ointment.  Vitamin A is a relative of the widely used P prescription med Tazorac.  Several topicals are related to Vitamin D, including calcipotriene, Calcitriol and Dovonex.  Could it be that you’ve found an over-the-counter formulation that behaves similarly on lesions? 

If anyone else tries this, please let us know what happens.

And you keep us posted, too, Nancy.  -Ed

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