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PUVA Baths
from James D.

Hi Ed:  I'm writing to let fellow sufferers know about PUVA baths.  I've had psoriasis for almost 30 years and tried everything.  This is the second time I've had this treatment which again has successfully cleared my lesions.  Unlike taking the medication [psoralen] orally, you dissolve the meds in water and add this to a specific measure of water in the tub.  I soak for 10 minutes and then quickly go for my treatment. I will see how long I remain cleared this time, but boy it sure is nice to walk around in shorts and a T-shirt.  Keep up the good work.  -James D.


Ed’s Response:  NPF addresses PUVA “baths” and other topical applications of psoralen before UVA light treatment in their booklet titled “PUVA.” I understand the biggest advantages of this approach over taking psoralen orally are: (1) the “wait time” between ingestion and exposure is much longer than for topical application and light exposure, and (2) the undesirable photosensitivity that lingers from oral psoralen is much shortened with topical application.  Short version:  The medication goes to work faster and doesn’t linger as long when you bathe in it versus take it in pill form.

The whole booklet is available on the NPF web site.  -Ed

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