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Protopic® — New Topical for Hard-to-Help Places
from Sherry S.

Today my derm prescribed Protopic® (tacrolimus ointment), which looks to be something for eczema but is being used for psoriasis too.  Something about T-cell/cytokine inhibition if I heard her right.  Have to find a magnifying glass to read the fine print of the insert in the box.  Maybe it'll help.  As is usual, I won't experiment with more than half a limb, as I did with Tazorac.  That experiment was a bummer, as I think I wrote you.  The best thing about today's appointment was that a full-body search didn't yield anything that needed to be burned or cut and stitched.  I rarely get out so easily.

NPF posted a news item about Protopic® on March 3rd.  Here’s the link:  New Topical ointment may be effective for psoriasis patients [scroll down until you see this headline]. -Sherry S.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for bringing our attention to this, Sherry.  According to the article at NPF, Protopic® is a non-steroidal topical good for use in places where topical corticosteroids aren’t recommended — like on the face.  Though the article doesn’t say, I imagine this might be an alternative for genital P and some of those skin fold areas that invite flexural P.  My intention is to ask my derm about Protopic® on my next visit.

If FlakeHQ had an intelligence department (our version of the CIA) you’d head it up, Sherry.  -Ed

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