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Celebrities? Don’t Forget Joe Diffie
from Heather

[Backstory: We Need a Celebrity Advocate]

Hello Ed! I'm new to your site and very glad I came across it. In regards to the mail you received about P not having a celebrity spokesperson, I wanted you to know that we haven't been completely ignored (mostly, but not completely).

If you look in the archives for the NPF site you'll see that Joe Diffie (Country singer) was the celebrity spokesperson for the NPF National Psoriasis Awareness Month in October 1997. A small step for P-kind? Perhaps.

We'll just keep our fingers crossed that some celebrity (and we know they are out there) will 'come out of the closet' about their P.

Looking forward to new and interesting things popping up on your site. Cheers, -Heather, New Westminster BC


Ed’s Response: You’re right, of course, Heather. I had forgotten about JD in ‘97. Thanks for reminding us. Unfortunately, the fact that we needed to be reminded is part of the problem. Celebrity spokespersons who come and go in the blink of an eye aren’t exactly what we need. We need a lingering presence, one whose association with P becomes ingrained so that awareness of one (the celeb or the disease) evokes awareness of the other. -Ed

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