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Update on Cherry’s Psorigon War in U.K.
from Cherry S.

[Backstory: Mustering Psorigon Victims in the U.K., from Cherry S.]

Hi Ed, here follows the news! The visit to my derm confirmed that what had happened to me was a direct result of using steroids. He is willing to help my solicitor in any way he can. My visit to the solicitor was very interesting. He really is a specialist in this field and has to be registered with Legal Aid and prove he knows his stuff in order to be allowed to deal with these kinds of cases. Following all the info I gave him ... [not disclosed here while litigation pends. -Ed]. This solicitor’s practice does not run a "No win no fee" system and it seems I may miss out on qualifying for legal aid by a few pounds! He is still so convinced that we could win that he is going to discuss it with his partners, and there are still other options that will not leave us with a bill. (I checked this out with other solicitors who also confirmed this.) I still need to hear from those Brits who also suffered. So far I've only heard from Thomas M. If just one of them qualify for legal aid we can get started straight away. Perhaps they are waiting to hear how I got on at the solicitors? Please, please don't let them get away with it — get in touch with me. -Cherry S.


[Later, from Cherry:]  Hi Again, Ed: Just to keep you updated.

Gradually we are getting more people to join the case. I don't think the legal aid will be a problem now as the lawyer is considering doing a "no win no fee" for me. 

One of the UK's leading women’s magazines contacted the P Assoc. because they wanted to do a piece on fraudulent skin creams. They were told about me, and are going to do an article. I've checked with the solicitor and he thinks that it will be a great opportunity for us to make contact with other sufferers. I thought that I would have to be quite careful about what I said, but after speaking to him, it seems that there is quite a lot I can say.

I realise that these legal cases can take a long time but it seems things are going well for us which is good news. Regards, -Cherry


Ed’s Response: Your last made it to me just in time for the April update at FlakeHQ. I’m glad. It sounds as though your "right" could be turning into "might," Cherry, and we are cheering you on whole-heartedly. Do keep us posted! -Ed

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