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People Shy Away from Hand P
from Al H.

Thank you for making me feel a little more 'human.' I've had psoriasis on my hands for many years now and have been regarded numerous times as someone to shy away from. How wonderful it was to hear that many other people endure with humor the looks, whispers, and treatment that unsightly lesions and scaling often draw. As I sit here at my computer with my bandaged fingers (yeap, another darn sloughing, cracking, peeling episode) I take consolation in the fact that I am not a freak. I found your site by accident...thanks!


Ed’s Response: And we’re glad you found FlakeHQ by whatever means, Al.

As you will come to find out as you browse around here, hand P is one of my pet peeves. Mine is flaring, too, as I type this — after nearly 8 months of remission. So I’m finding it a little hard to joke about it at this moment.

A couple of years ago, in the NPF Bulletin a woman wrote in the "It Works For Me" column that she used Elmer’s Glue to seal cracks in the skin on her hands. That made me scratch my head. (Well, at the time I needed very little motivation to scratch my head. The scalp P was raging, too.) Anyway, I tried it and it works! I’m not talking about slathering on a bunch of white glue. First I washed the hand very well then placed a single drop of Elmer’s over the crack (which was not large, more like a paper cut) and near a knuckle. I held the knuckle bent for a few minutes thinking if the glue dried I’d want the adjacent skin and the crack itself to be in its most extended position (otherwise, first time I bent the finger it would probably just crack worse).

Having the drop of glue in the crack stopped the pain and itching. I was careful to watch for redness — sign of infection — but as the lesion was red already, this was probably fruitless. Also, the drop of glue didn’t remain in the crack long, because the crack healed quickly. I believe it pushed the glue out and I probably washed it away without noticing.

I wouldn’t try this with a major bleeding crack, but I don’t hesitate to use the Elmer’s Glue now for those small, nagging, paper cut-like fissures that you sometimes don’t notice until tap water hits them for the first time! -Ed

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