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Eating Right in Kansas
from Sheryl H.

Hello: I am here in the middle of Kansas, or almost. My first outbreak of P was 1975, I think.

This past November and December (99) I had the worst outbreak ever. I decided once again I would go on the Dr. Robert Connolly diet. I tried to not eat sugar and wheat, as well as other foods that he mentions in his book, No Pork. On my skin I used nothing but baby oil, lots of baths, evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, Red Clover Combination. It took about 40 days to clear. I still have a few reds places, but I am not in pain and I don't itch. When I was 5 I was allergic to wheat, sugar and milk, which is another reason I tried the Connolly diet. Connolly explains in his book that we put toxins in [our bodies] and they are excreted through our skin, like when we sweat. It makes sense to me. Sorry, the book doesn't give a number to share with you to order it. It is published by Luxis International in Seattle, WA.

Ever think if we believe in something hard enough it works? Tell yourself that you are free from P. "I am FREE from P, it will bother me no more." -Sheryl H.


Ed’s Response: Like my own Confessions..., Connolly’s No Pork must not have an ISBN number. I was unable to locate it anywhere on the web. I did not try the phone company for a number to Luxis International in Seattle.

You allergy background sounds oh-so-familiar, Sheryl. [I wrote about my own allergy history in the April ‘99 Briefing.] Of course, no one from The Establishment has as yet come forward to admit or define a relationship between allergies and P, I have always suspected one based on my own experiences. And now there’s your experiences, too. You were allergic to wheat, sugar and milk and now you are on a diet that avoids sugar and wheat and, low and behold, a P improvement! We aren’t surprised, are we, Sheryl?

There is becoming a great harvest of theory and literature about the toxins we store as we age. I do not stay close enough to the homeopathic health literature (or to the mainstream, for that matter) to be able to summarize or even convincingly describe the whole gamut, but when it crops up as much as it has been in my reading, I can’t help but sense a movement afoot. The Big Confrontation between all the homeopathic toxinologists (my word) and the Main Streamers (toxicologists?) appears to address what’s to be done about it. The homeopathic toxinologists are preaching purge via natural mechanisms (water, controlled diet—sounds like Connolly’s No Pork—specific supplement regimens, magnets) while the Main Streamers pour in more "toxins"—i.e., drugs.

I am, at the moment, engaged in a month-long trial with magnets, far infra-red and food supplements. The woman providing my supplies and overseeing the trial is something of a homeopathic toxinologist. She frowns when I talk about my current methotrexate therapy.

And while your "I am FREE from P, it will bother me no more" sounds a little like a 60s mantra, it also might be related to that self-hypnotherapy Glorya and Lola have been talking about!

Kansas is a tough state for people with wheat allergies, Sheryl! But I guess you know that. You say you’re from the central part of the state.... I used to visit Bird City in the Northwestern corner of Kansas (near St. Francis!) to attend what’s got to be one of the world’s finest Antique Truck and Steam Engine Shows. Thanks for writing and do stay in touch! -Ed

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