(March, 1999)

Out of Options (?)
from Christine M.

Hi Ed: Thanks for your reply [see link at end]. I do not mind you sharing my e-mail with John I. in the Philippines.

Your assumption is correct. I have exhausted the topical and light-therapy regimens without results (except a good tan :-). I have only two other options, which are not good for women of child bearing age, and I do want to have a baby. So I'm stuck with my current drug and that is still a risk. So either way, I'm losing the battle.

I sent off for more information re: the NPF and I hope to learn more about what they are and do.

Please keep me informed about the forthcoming literature on P. I would love to read something that's more "down to earth." Thanks for your time. -Christine M.


Ed's Response: The battle may be lost, but the war is not over, Christine. Always remember that P is aggravatingly unpredictable. Who knows? You may be among those women who experience complete remission when pregnant. (You may want to stay pregnant forever! Though, come to think of it, no woman who has experienced P-remission during pregnancy has confessed here that, as a result, she'd like to stay pregnant forever!)

Also, one of the things you will learn quickly after you join NPF and start regularly receiving the literature is that options are increasing. In their "Special Anniversary Issue" of the Bulletin, which also contained their 1998 Annual Report, there is an interesting graph on page 12. It illustrates that in 1968 there were 5 medically-accepted treatments for psoriasis, in 1998 there were 16! Elsewhere in that issue they talk about current research from which new promising treatments are likely to emerge. To me, this means our "war" has plenty of campaigns to engage us.

Do stay in touch, Christine. I will forward your e-mail address on to John I. in the Philippines. -Ed

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