Communications (Jan/Feb, 1998)

Dovonex Success In Progress
from Michele C.

Hi Ed. I wrote to you in October. Well, here is an update on my condition.

I have started using Dovonex Ointment in the 100g tube. I have been using this for amount 2 months and my P has almost cleared up. I apply it twice a day. This ointment is not cheap—$80.00 per 100g tube—but the cost is nothing given the results. The itching stopped about three days after I began the Dovonex.

This is a non-steroidal ointment.

Thanks again for you web site. I loved reading and humming your new anthem.

Wishing everyone who is a P sufferer an itch free New Year. Best of luck to everyone in 1998. -Michele C.


Ed's Reply: Thanks for the update, Michele. Others have told me they are getting good results from Dovonex. I don't know why it did nothing for me. Right after it hit the market my derm got all excited and couldn't wait for me to try it. I used one tube and might as well have been applying petroleum jelly. But in retrospect, and under the influence of optimistic reports like yours, I can't help but wonder if cutting the high-potency topical corticosteroids, to switch to the Dovonex, wasn't my problem. It's commonly reported that a sudden stopping of high dosages of potent steroids can backlash into "worse than ever" lesion activity (the problem so many people had when they stopped using Skin-Cap) and if I was experiencing that, at the same time I was trying Dovonex, it might not have been fair to the Dovonex. I think I should try it again, first phasing down and out the steroids. -Ed

P.S. To Stealth: Did you hear that? They're humming "our" anthem!! -Ed

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