Communications (Jan/Feb, 1998)

Never Laughed at P
from Brian P.

Ed: THANK YOU. It is so nice to read about others on this earth who know about the suffering of this disease. Thanks for having the forethought to create a website targeted at letting us giggle a little bit at it.

I have not laughed or joked about my psoriasis EVER—it has had me fumed ever since it got in the way of my life (i.e., swimming, wearing shorts, being stared at, the questions ... "Were you in a fire?") ... Shit! I hate psoriasis!!!

Thanks -Brian P.


Ed's Reply: Your welcome. And, I understand. We all understand. As grateful as I am to maintain this web site, and meet the hundreds of wonderful flakers I've met, I've yet to kneel beside my bed and pray: Thank you, God, for Mummy and Daddy and ... my psoriasis. I think we can despair or rejoice as much as we want to about why we are what we are, but in the end the only thing that will count is what we did with what we've got. So, even though you're mad, be good, anyway. -Ed

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