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Heal Thyself
from Kimberly

Hello Ed. I came across your and thought I'd share.

My story is similar to yours just not as bad. But when I was trying to make hard decisions or was worried about something, look out, I'd wake up covered [with lesions] from head to toe. But it got me thinking if my thoughts would make me flare, maybe my thoughts could make it go away.

I read a little about it — relaxing, imagery, power of thought. I started thinking it away and as silly as that sounds even to me while I was doing it, it still worked. So I do it every night before going to sleep. First I relax my body. I think of the sun, its rays coming over my body, but as they touch my head the rays turn into a warm honey-like substance and as it touches me and starts down my body it relaxes and heals. Then I inhale and picture the air going into my body and I think, ok, now as it swirls around it is collecting all the bad negative thoughts and anything unhealthy, it is collecting all of this in that swirl of air and when I exhale it's leaving my body. I do that three or four times. Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle but most of the time I get finished. And as crazy as this sounds, my psoriasis is better then it has been on any medicine. I have a few spots on my fingers under my rings and a tiny spot or two on my elbows and knees. My normal state used to be elbows and knees covered and spots showing up on my legs and at one time my head was covered thick with flakes the size of nickels. And I have pic's of my flare ups that were bad and now I'm almost clear, because the spots that are so apparent in those photos aren’t there anymore.

It's not that I'm living a stress free life, believe me. In fact I'm under more stress right now then I can ever remember. But my psoriasis is still good.

I hope this helps someone. It was a life saver for me. I'm female and 43 now but have had it since I was a teen getting yelled at for not rinsing the shampoo out my hair. What was in my hair was dried shampoo, it was psoriasis.

I also have a friend who had a bad reaction to Enbrel. I wouldn't use it if my life depended on it. Well, I'll close now in hope this will help someone. It's just my personal cure and I have no special training. Think good healthy thoughts. –Kimberly


Ed’s Response: I have every faith, Kimberly, that one of these days neuroscience is going to be able to analyze exactly what happens between your ears during your meditative states, and one of the conclusions they will draw might be stated like this: “Of COURSE her psoriasis improved! Look what her brain activity did to quiet and correct her immune system ... (etc.) ...”

Call it what you want — meditation, prayer, self-induced trances, religious euphoria — our minds have kept our species alive and thriving when we had little physical advantage over the other carnivores who might have consumed us into extinction. And everything we know about intelligence is burdened by hard-to-argue-against consequences of these states of mind. States that apparently have nothing to do with “intelligence.”

Does the average Joe have an innate capability, whether tapped or not, to heal himself of something like psoriasis? I'd like to think so. But understanding how the brain works on cellular and molecular levels may be the only way we’ll ever prove there is a process behind the magic.

Thanks for sharing, Kimberly. -Ed

P.S. - Checkout this article on the relatively new field called "psychodermatology." -Ed

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