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Naturopathic Approach Working for Husband
from Audrey B.

Hi Ed: My husband and I were just surfing the net and found your website on Psoriasis.  My husband was diagnosed with Psoriasis in the summer of 2007. He had been suffering with fingernail irritations for a few years — seasonal like you mentioned on your site — and then this summer the palms of his hands started peeling and flaking really bad, EXACTLY like you describe it on your site. His even would bleed where the skin would crack, and was very painful.

He's used many different topical creams, they seem to ease it a little, but then it flares up like crazy again after a few days, and the cream doesn't seem to help anymore.

Just before Christmas he was totally fed up as the itching and flaking was driving him nuts and he decided to see a Naturopathic Doctor.

The doctor told him that she's had some success with psoriasis and other skin issues, and that it could also be because of excess yeast in his body, or that his body system might be toxic.

Anyway — to make a long story short, he hasn't had any blood work done yet for allergy tests, but probably will in February to see if there's anything in that regard as well.

The Naturopathic Doctor also changed his diet for a 3 month period: Told him to avoid nightshade vegetables such as Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers (all kinds), white potatoes, shell fish, coffee, alcohol, white flour products, and sugar. She also put him on the following:

1) Soy Lecithin Granules - 1 tbsp 3 x daily with meals (this has also helped people with psoriasis treatments too) for 5 days a week.

2) Liver cleanser (to eliminate the toxins) - 1 TBSP

3) Slippery Elm Bark (1/8 tsp in warm water every morning)

4) American Saffron (1/8 tsp in hot water every evening)

He also has to soak his hands in 1 cup of Epson salts daily, and then apply a good portion of Castor Oil. He then wears cotton gloves to bed.

I know it all sounds a bit crazy, but his hands have improved significantly — for weeks!  He still has the itching in the mornings, but soaks them in some cold water, and then applies Burt Bees Hand cream to sooth it.

He doesn't have the lesions anymore — no big cracks and flakes on his hands.

Have you tried a Naturopathic Doctor for your psoriasis?  Just wondering.

Regular doctors seem to want to just treat everything with medicine, whereas a Naturopathic Doctor wants to attack the root of the problem to see if they can find out what causes it.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Respectfully, -Audrey B.


Ed’s Response:  Hi Audrey; thanks for writing. Sounds like the diet prescribed by your husband's naturopath is what we refer to as the "Pagano Diet," after John O.A. Pagano, a chiropractor who has been using the diet for several decades. (He was interviewed at FlakeHQ.  The interview contains further links to Pagano's website and to his "book site" on Lots of people have had great luck with his diet.

To answer your question: No, I’ve not tried a Naturopathic Doctor for my psoriasis.  I’ve tried, in addition to conventional dermatologists and rheumatologists, an acupuncturist and some home-grown topicals.  I’ve no doubt, however, that there are sound naturopathic alternatives to the treatment of psoriasis and I’m very glad of it.  Too many people with psoriasis are uninsured, under-insured, and cannot afford the conventional therapies that we know work (at least for awhile).  Thanks for writing.  -Ed

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