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Scammed by Organic Hope (Kalawalla)?
from Shaun G.

Hello Ed!

I have had P for over 10 years and have mostly used natural products. I do have to use topicals as well since my P covers my whole body. I have used many things because I just know that it will go away one day. SO I heard a lot about Kalawalla, in part from your site, and did a lot of research. My mom is a Naturopath and we tried to find a professional supplier of the herb Polypodium leucotomos to no avail, so I tried to order off the website. I even dealt with Jorge Mendoza personally. I gave them my credit card # and everything. It has almost been 2 months and I have not received any product. I have had no reply from emails, phone calls and my credit card was billed. After calling Visa, it turns out the money goes into a Chinese bank account. The payment was reversed, but I find it strange that the distributor is based in NJ. Visa says I was scammed. So beware of this Organic Hope site. It should be called Organic Hopefully-we-get-away-with-scamming-you! –Shaun G.


Ed’s Response:  Wow, this blows me away, Shaun.  A similar inquiry in 2005 generated a very helpful response from Jorge Mendoza, then President of Organic Hope (President of Organic Hope Writes About Kalawalla).  I wrote to him again, today, so obviously haven’t yet received a response.  If I get one in March or April I will append it to this exchange and place a flag on the Mail page.

As you know from your research, there was a flurry of interest in Kalawalla here in 2005 and early 2006, during which I heard from a number of people who were trying it, or intended to.  Since then I’ve not received many positive or negative reports and this interesting dietary supplement has pretty much dropped out of casual conversation. 

Search on “Kalawalla” from the home page to see all the correspondence posted here. -Ed

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