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Why I Like FlakeHQ
from Rebecca

Hi Ed, I'm not sure what triggered me to write today, I think mainly I would like to say thank you. I have had P for 3 years now since I was 17. Myself and my family/friends have searched the internet for anything of relevance and although there are many many websites out there, none of them have had the impact yours has.

To begin with all I would search for was information about P, as although when you have it everyone seems to 'know someone with it' before I noticed a strange raised patch of skin on my elbow and went to the doctors, I had no idea what it was.

When it began to get steadily worse, covering my back, stomach, chest, legs, elbows and feet, I turned to the 'miracle cure!' websites.  After trying creams, baths, pills and wraps, I found your website. And it made me laugh.  I was honestly beginning to despair, and it was only when I searched for Psoriasis and Depression that I found your site. It helps so much to read other peoples experiences, tips and jokes! When I went home and tried telling my family about this brilliant website I had found with jokes they all looked at me like I was mad!

So I would like to say thank you to you for the website and everyone else for their wise, funny and informative words. I may not be able to get rid of my P completely — or it may take awhile — but in the meantime I'm alive and intend to enjoy being so.  -Rebecca


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the kind words, Rebecca.  You are the person for whom FlakeHQ exists.  Sorry you belong here, but glad you found your way home. 

Are we mad to laugh?  We don’t think so.  That others might think so doesn’t frighten us — indeed, that’s worth a grin of its own!

Since FlakeHQ has been on the net, I’ve heard from thousands of flakers.  Most who write enjoy the humor, one or two a year send me hate mail for making light of a ghastly condition.  Over the same period I’ve tried to determine the effectiveness of humor about P as a weapon to overcome fear and loathing from non-flakers.  When I’m asked about my P — and, sometimes, even if I’m not asked — I’ll quip about it.  Sometimes my irony is a little too thick and its not interpreted as a joke and then I have to back pedal, but if I follow my lines with a broad grin most people ‘get it,’ and I’m pleased to say, in my experience at least, it works more often than it doesn’t.  By “works” I mean the tension between us lightens.  It’s as though I have removed the P from myself and now it stands beside us like some sort of dumb third person — a person we can laugh at rather than fear.  By laughing at P, I hope I’m saying “this flaking isn’t who I am.  I’m as appalled by it as you must be, but I sleep with it and I guess that means we’re at least well acquainted.”

We’d love to hear more from you Rebecca.  -Ed

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