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Abbi S. Says Thanks for Fashion Advice
from Abbi S.

Hi everyone.  I was just catching up on all that's been going on at FlakeHQ and wanted to thank you all for sharing your stories and for helping each other out.  I received great responses to my request for fashion help last spring, and I really appreciate the advice.  Likewise, anyone else who comes to FlakeHQ seeking to vent frustrations, solicit help or just looking for a sympathetic ear, they get it.  This is a rare and wonderful thing we have going here, and I'm proud to be part of the team!  :)

My best to you all.  -Abbi S.


Ed’s Response: 


Glad you like being a part of our group, Abbi.  I think lots of us were challenged by your fashion questions last Spring.  What to wear has, at one time or another, been an issue for all of us, but because the concerns of a flaker are somewhat unique we don’t always think that what we learn might be valuable to others.  Your asking the question made it possible for several of us to think back and share.

So … We’re ready to tackle your NEXT question!  -Ed

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