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“Leucostat” version of Kalawalla
from TL

Dear Ed: I recently stumbled upon your website and have been really interested in the submissions about Kalawalla. I live in Sydney, Australia and have had P for 5-6 years and have just started to take Leucostat (excerpt from Organic Hope website "Kalawalla has been is used in Europe and Australia under trade names Difur and Leucostat"). I've been instructed to take the supplement once a day with food and am coming to an end of 1 month supply with no noticeable change.

I'm curious if there is anyone who is taking the suppliment under the Leucostat name as from previous emails on your site and submissions on the Organic Hope site, it seems that others are taking Kalwalla 2-3 times a day.

I would really love for this treatment to work and would appreciate any sort of information you could supply.

Regards, -TL


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for writing.  Unfortunately I've not heard from anybody else using Leucostat and I am unfamiliar with the relative amounts of active ingredient in Leucostat vs. Kalawalla or other versions of Polypodium leucotomos.  All that I know is contained in the emails listed under "Kalawalla" in the FlakeHQ archives.  

Based on what I've read, however, it does not seem than 1 month is an adequate time to get a reliable indication of how the product will work for you.  Many have told me that changes START after about 3 months and maximum benefit may not be achieved for 6 months to a year.  There's been some attempt to connect the speed with which dietary supplement regimens work to the length of time the user has had the condition.  The correlation being that the longer you've had psoriasis, the longer it will take you to heal it naturopathically.  I doubt whether the truth is that simply explained, but others with more experience than me seem to think so.

Best of luck to you.  Perhaps we'll hear from other readers who HAVE tried Leucostat in a larger dose.  -Ed

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