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Psoriasis Tab
from John P.

Ed:  Have you ever heard of  At 63 I'm a new flaker, go figure! -John P.


Ed’s Response:  Hi John. I have heard of Psoriasis Tab — but nothing good.  It's an "undisclosed herbal" dietary supplement, supposedly developed out of the Ayruvedic medicine tradition (India).  They "guarantee" it to work because they evidently have no problem making refunds to the over-20%-of-consumers who will not achieve results, and the much HIGHER percent who won't receive "satisfactory" results.  I believe the "clinical study" report they've posted at their web site will verify these results (though the clinical study is not very trustworthy, either: the author[s] admit they don't know the complete ingredients of the product!).

HOWEVER!  Almost everything INGESTED that claims to benefit P must do so IN CONCERT WITH the consumer's diet.  The Indian consumers most closely associated with Ayruvedic medicine may eat quite differently than those in Western cultures.  Could an herbal remedy with their diet work differently than it would with our diet?  I wouldn't rule out the possibility.  If you don't eat meat and relish Tandooran dishes, it may be a miracle concoction! (Though I doubt it.)

In any event, of those who have mentioned Psoriasis Tab to me, most have NOT tried it.  I wouldn't spend my money on it, either.  But this is strictly my opinion. 

If you DO try it, please let me know your results.  -Ed

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