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Aalgo?  Caveat Emptor!
from Delilah P.

Dear Ed:  I hope this email finds you feeling better after the surgery.

I have developed a monster case of eczema from my scalp to my toes and that is how I found your website.  I read about the Aalgo seaweed on your website after I found out about it on the web.  I ordered it and am just newly using it.  I am find some relief from the crazy making itching and oozing.  Unfortunately the people at Aalgo are not as professional as their website would have you think.  I ordered two containers and paid for them on my credit card.  I only received one container and have had no success getting info regarding the second container.  I have emailed them repeatedly but to no avail.  Perhaps they are in some sort of difficulty themselves, one often never knows why people fail us when they do. I did express concern about their situation, whatever it might be, and after this I did get an email telling me they would check on my order and that was the last I heard from them.  I am writing because hopefully the seaweed is a real help but the tragedy is that the people at Aalgo seem unreliable in their ability to do business and supply the product with any consistency.  I am writing because people should know the risk of doing business with such a company.  If they do not send me the rest of my order I have lost one half of my payment ($75.00, $25.00 of which is for shipping from Ireland!!  Total payment was $150.00). This is a lot of money for me but that's the risk I took out of desperation for relief.

Good luck to one and all regarding their skin projects,  -Delilah P.


Ed’s Response:

Backstory:  Aalgo (ground seaweed) Helping Husband

Thanks for sharing your experience, Delilah.  Mary G., in her May 2005 post (see Backstory, above) reported some difficulties dealing with the company selling Aalgo, which is dried, ground seaweed.  She reported that her husband obtained significant relief from taking Aalgo baths.  -Ed

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