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Wife Trying Pagano and Blue Cap
from Terry R.

Hi Ed, My name is Terry R., my wife Donna has Psoriasis. Her hands and feet are affected along with some spots on her legs. It’s been just over 2 years since her first outbreak. We have tried all the creams and ointments and nothing seams to totally clear it up. Donna is 47 and is having total hip replacement in March of this year. We are in hopes that the surgery will some how help her Psoriasis. I have been looking around the Internet and to be truthful I do not see much hope for total recovery. Her derm doctor thinks it may be time for Enbrel. I do not like this idea much but if it helps well...

I found your web site the other night when searching for info on this nasty illness. I am thinking about ordering Dr. Connolly's book and giving the diet information a try. We both lean towards toxins in the body idea. I was wondering if anyone else has tried the book and had positive results? Or do you think this is not a good idea? Do you have any other suggestions? I would grateful for any help or direction from you. -Terry R.  


Ed’s Response:  Hi Terry.  Robert Connolly and John Pagano (Healing Psoriasis: The natural alternative) both stem from the "chiropractic tradition," which is somewhere between conventional medicine and naturopathy.  Both focus on diet with some important differences:  Connolly attaches great importance to an acupressure routine along with his "diet-of-don'ts."  Pagano, though he also prescribes collateral or adjunctive "therapies," freely admits that strict adherence to his diet should, in time, resolve P.  (Pagano's adjunctive procedures are intended to speed heeling.)  Both are adherents of "bowel/colon health" as a requisite to beating P (i.e., overcoming leaky gut syndrome).  If you haven't already, you may want to read my interview with Dr. Pagano.

The drawback to these approaches is the undetermined length of time it may take to achieve satisfactory results — if at all!  Neither Pagano nor Connolly are likely to suggest their method is "failing" in any specific case.  They are more apt to assert the patient in "insufficiently compliant" or must simply keep at it for many months.  By contrast, conventional approaches to P treatment can usually be assessed in, at most, 12 weeks (many much quicker).

Enbrel is a good bet for anyone with moderate-to-severe P; however, I certainly would hesitate to use it in the weeks preceding a major surgery.  Does your wife's derm know she's having a hip replacement in March?  Infections are the most common complication associated with that surgery.  Enbrel — along with the entire lineup of biologics currently used to treat P — tends to suppress immune response to infection. 

If she is responding at all to topicals at this point — even if they are just stabilizing her P, not necessarily clearing it — now may be the time to try a dietary approach along with the topicals.  If diet works for her, great!  If not, she can try a biologic (or some other oral systemic) after she's completely recovered from the hip replacement. 

For whatever it's worth — and I'm NOT a doctor — that's my opinion.  Good luck, and do let me know how things are going. -Ed


Terry’s Response:  Hi Ed, Terry here.  Well, my wife, Donna has started Dr. Pagano's diet. She has been on it for just about two weeks. We also are trying Blue Cap ointment twice a day. There has been a noticeable improvement in her P and in her spirits leading up to the surgery. I have been very supportive of her diet and the use of Blue Cap. The improvement has been so great that we are talking about cutting back on the Blue Cap and staying with moisturizer (Vaseline) and diet.

The Blue Cap came about from a Pharmacist I work with. His father has eczema. He started using it 10 years ago and swears by it. I have read about the FDA and the flakers Hall of Pshame. I do not know if the ointment, the diet, or the change in attitude has caused the P to calm down, but for now leading up to the surgery I'll take the improvement in her.

I have joined the Psorchat group and have been lurking (reading messages). I am especially interested in following John Dixon's thread and how the diet is working for him.

Good luck to on your upcoming surgery. -Terry R.

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