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A&D Ointment vs. Topical Steroids
from Oakley S.

Ed:  I was curious if anyone was using A&D Ointment as I have seen a mild regression in my Psoriasis having used it on a whim.  I got a Tattoo this last Saturday and friend recommended I use A&D to help keep the tattoo from drying out.  With what little I have found to work for my psoriasis I thought I would give it a shot.  I have been testing this treatment on 2 patches and have noted a mild regression.  The flakiness has been reduced to this point.  I intend to try this method on the two experimental patches without using my steroid cream to see if there is any significant improvement.  Consider me a guinea pig for this experiment and will update you with my hopeful success.  

Thanks!  -Oakley S.


Ed’s Response:  Good ol’A&D!  You are hearing from a firm believer, Oakley.  I haven’t been without a tub of the stuff for more years than I can remember. 

A&D Ointment has an excellent rep at FlakeHQ…. Check out these pages from the archives:

Pitting A&D head-to-head against a topical steroid probably isn’t fair, because A&D really doesn’t have an active ingredient known to palliate lesions.  What it does do very well is moisturize.  Like any abnormal skin, our P lesions tend to itch and crack less if they’re kept moist and supple.  A&D Ointment does that very well.  -Ed

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