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Itching, Colitis, and P
from John P.

Ed:  I’ve had psoriasis for only a couple of months.  Two questions, if you don’t mind.  One, my flares are really mild on the skin but my skin is hot and really itchy.  What could that be?

Two, my derm told me that my colitis can cause flaking like in P.  Could he be right?  My flaking is mild and mainly in my hair.  -John P.


Ed’s Response:  Itching is one of the most common skin disorders and also one of the least understood.  All I can suggest about your itching is, if you succumb and scratch, you’re more likely to develop P lesions where you don’t have them right now. 

Ulcerative colitis, like Crohn’s disease, are intestinal disorders that, like psoriasis, are caused by misfiring immune systems.  I’ve read that “skin rashes” are sometimes associated with Crohns, rarely with ulcerative colitis.  Over the years I’ve received a number of emails from people who have one or the other of these diseases AND P.  So whether your flaking is a symptom of your colitis, or psoriasis, it’s probably all related as immune system malfunctions for which you most likely have a genetic proclivity.  -Ed

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