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Raptiva Helping (Enbrel Didn’t)
from Steve W.

Hello Ed:  Just wanted to give you an update. The Raptiva is working for me. I noticed improvement on my palms after about a month. I must say that probably due to the considerable stress I’ve been under lately I have had a major flare on my legs. My derm says to use the clobetasol for the flares, which I did, and this time it took about half the time to get relief compared to without Raptiva. My insurance covers all but $150/month. I am just thankful that I found something that is working. I am currently in month 3 and I hope that I continue to improve as time goes on. I can definitely see that I must work to reduce my stress response. Author  Lucinda Bassett’s tapes are helping in that area.

I must say thank you Ed for sharing your experiences because I had pretty much given up on biologics after my disappointment with Enbrel. Thanks for keeping your website up and running — we need it.

God bless, -Steve W.


Backstory:  Disappointed by Enbrel and Kalawalla, from Steve W.

Ed’s Response:  Thanks for reporting in, Steve.  Glad to know I’m not the only flaker who had no reaction to Enbrel but cleared nicely on Raptiva.  It took several months for me to achieve maximum clearance on Raptiva, which I define is clear except for ears and one half-dollar size lesion on one calf.  I was most pleased with the great job Raptiva did on my hands and nails.  When P-arthritis coerced me into trading in Raptiva for Humira, I worried most about a hands-and-nails relapse.  Knock on wood, over a year later, that still hasn’t happened.  -Ed

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