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Thanks for the Liz Horn Interview
from Jamie I.

\Hi Ed, I just wanted to thank you for the interview with Liz Horn. You asked her about the possibilities of research being done on diet and P. I have been trying very hard over the last 4 months to eat a healthy diet. I can honestly say that eating organic, less red meat and pork and no alcohol have helped my P out tremendously. It’s not going away, but I have noticed a difference. I would love to see what information researchers come up with.

I also looked on the links that were provided for the bio bank and signed up as a donor and didn’t know there were so many organizations that would help with my prescription co-pay on medication. Ibuprofen and Tylenol aren’t cutting it for my PA in my lower back any more, I’m in pain about 24/7 and won’t do the Vicodin or other painkiller junk.

I just can’t say how much I love reading every body’s mail, it’s great.  Yeah, I’m not special, just a normal, flaky girl!  -Jamie I.


Ed’s response:  Feldman’s research project on diet, according to Liz Horn, is coming due “sometime in 2007” and I, too, can’t wait to see the results.  Of course, I’m not even familiar with the parameters of the project. 

Glad you enjoyed that interview — I did, too.

Good luck with your PA.  I hope you find something to relieve the pain.  -Ed

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