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Will Mild P Stay Mild?
from Rowe

Ed, I have had mild scalp psoriasis for 19 years now (since I was a teen).  It's about the size of a quarter.  I also have some flaking in my ears which is easily dealt with through moisturizers.  I have never medicated a lot because it is hidden by my hair.  Also, occasionally I will get some random nail pitting that goes away on its own.  My question is this:  Have you heard of people never really getting worse and always staying mild their entire lives?  It seems like everything I read is people posting how it has spread, etc.  I don't know if this is because people who have it mild like myself don't take the time to post.  I'm just curious as to what you know about this.  Also, does nail pitting mean you are going to develop PA or  is it common for people with P to get this periodically?  Thanks. -Rowe


Ed’s Response:  Hi Rowe.  There is no "standard progression" for P.  Sounds like your mild case is going to stay mild.  Millions of people are like you and you're right, we don't hear from them that often. 

Nail pitting (or any other P-symptom in the nails) does not indicate P-arthritis or a predisposition to P-arthritis.  P-arthritis appears to have its own mysterious triggers and as of right now we have no way of predicting who will get it and who won't.  Some of the genetic studies under way may shed some light on this in the future.

Best of luck to you.  -Ed

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