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March-April 2007 Briefing

In This Briefing:
Talk About Timing (Interviewee)...
New in Flaker Creativity
Thanks for All the Well-Wishes

Talk About Timing...

Believe it or not, I arranged to interview Dietitian Deirdre Earls well before I knew I had heart problems.  As it ended up, our interview overlapped my open heart surgery and recovery — during which time I also learned that my need for quadruple bypasses was probably diabetes related and exacerbated by an extremely self-destructive diet.  Regulars to FlakeHQ know that I've harbored an interest in dietary therapies for P for a long time.  I reviewed Robert Connolly's book, Psoriasis Can Be Cured in 2001, interviewed the leading guru of diet for P, John O. A. Pagano, in 2005, and have always posted mail from flakers who have tried dietary therapies (both the good AND bad reports).  My personal position on dietary approaches has been "open minded" but personally "not compelled."  My own dietary habits were so diametrically opposite the kind of eating advocated by all the diet proselytizers, any attempt to try the regimens seemed impossible or, at best, gruesomely difficult for me.

This update's interviewee, Deirdre Earls, is the author of Your Healing Diet: a quick guide to reversing psoriasis and chronic diseases with healing foods.  Unlike many of the diet proselytizers, Earls is a psoriatic and writes from personal as well as professional experience.  The book blurb states, "In essence the book distills common threads of success across many natural healing diets and demonstrates how to quickly incorporate healing habits into modern schedules."  The basic concepts of Earls' healthy eating aren't surprising — vegetables and fruits, low-fat cooking, no processed foods or meat.... Earl's thesis is two-fold: one, that healthy diets are hard because they require non-conventional shopping and food preparation (issues that become more significant as our society moves deeper and deeper into "fast food" mindsets).  Two, help with shopping and food prep — tips on what to eat when you're in a hurry or on the move — can make all the difference in the world.  Speaking as someone who's just received a new lease on life — and a stern slap on the wrists for 50 years of heart un-healthy living — I'm inclined to listen to this lady.  Read the interview here; or, start at the FlakeHQ Interviews page.

New in Flaker Creativity

Two delightful new poems from FlakeHQ Poet Laureate Sherry S.  Read Scale and Geography, and for more from Sherry, visit Flaker Creativity.

Thanks for All the Well-Wishes

My thanks to the many FlakeHQ readers who wrote to me with good wishes for my recovery while I was undergoing open heart surgery in February.  I guess I was one of the lucky ones; my heart problems were discovered and corrected before I had a heart attack.  From diagnosis to operation was less than a week; I was released from the hospital four days after surgery; returned to work part-time two weeks later, and started cardiac rehab four weeks after surgery.  These days, time is not wasted.