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XP-828L — New Product from Advitech
from Bruce F.

Hello there Ed.  Check out this URL:

Advitech just advised me if will be summer or fall or even later before the product currently known as XP-828L becomes available. (There are others that use the active ingredient — Lactium — in Singapore; Thailand, perhaps Europe).

I sympathize with all of you — but can't empathize: I developed a small, very mild case of P (first time ever) about mid-December (I'm actually the one who diagnosed it as P — no MC has yet — still in line for the Canadian Health Care system).

In my case, again without benefit of counsel, I'm convinced:  Parasitic infestation (stool-test confirmed) and/or massive Candida overgrowth (tararic acid levels 700% above norm) caused Leaky Gut — which over-stimulated T1s, causing P.

Its simplicity may be its Achilles Heel: Will it be so easy to fix?

You do great work for deserving people. All the best to you. -Bruce F.


Ed’s Response:  Bruce, let me post this in the Mar-April update of FlakeHQ.  As far as I'm concerned, there is a convincing body of anecdotal evidence suggesting leaky gut can trigger psoriasis, so diets, supplements and medicines that work to palliate leaky gut can be expected to improve P for those known to have both.

While that may sound simple — and hopefully, in your case, it will indeed BE that simple! — it often isn't. While I believe leaky gut is a P trigger, I don't think it is the only one.  I think those of us with the genetic predisposition to flake are likely to be triggered by an assortment of things.

There are a number of dermatitis’s that can look like P and, as you are just a few months into your problem, and have a so-far mild case, you may be fortunate enough NOT to have psoriasis.  It's too bad you must wait so long for professional consultation!  

Another one of the more interesting OTC products helping P by acting on T-cells is Kalawalla ( and it's available now.  Whatever you try, please keep us informed.  And if you discover your P is something else, please let us know that, too.  -Ed

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