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An Old Remedy for Itching Still Works
from Linda B.

Re: your article titled Bitching About Itching: Controlling P would be so much easier  if they'd just invent something to turn off the itch! (Posted January 1998)

You wrote:  "No, what we need is a topical pain killer that affects itching only, but does so reliably and for a predictable length of time."

An ice cube has an anesthetic effect on itching. It seems to paralyze the nerves for quite a long time. It's a primitive remedy, and some people may find it a little painful, but I prefer that to any horrific itching. Keep the ice cube moving and it's not really painful at all. Sheer relief, in my opinion.

I just discovered your website, Flake HQ, a couple of days ago. Thanks for all your time, effort, and accomplishment regarding the website. Good luck. -Linda B.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Linda.  And an ice cube can work wonders.  I remember my mother applying an ice cube to my insect bites (after a mud pack to draw out the poison).   To be honest, I hadn’t thought about ice cubes against itching lesions.  I can tell you where I’ll try it next time I need to:  my feet!  The itch created by lesions on my feet is the worst.  One, it’s not often convenient to scratch your feet; two, when lesions there are bad enough to drive me crazy with itching, scratching usually draws blood.  An ice cube might be just the ticket to a few moments of relief.

Thanks, Linda.  I’m glad you found us!  -Ed

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