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Evolving His Own Theory About Leaky Gut
from Nick E.

Hi Ed,  I'm a student of nutritional therapy and I am currently researching P, and I came across your web-site.  My brother has suffered P for 25 years, he now has P Arthritis in his spine and a Merkel (?) cell tumor as a result of treatment.  My next-door neighbor suffers from P and also the partner of my sister in Law. So, I have personal interests in the subject.

I have suffered flaking of the scalp for 25 years which I managed to control with coal-tar shampoo all that time (but I've been told it do not have P). I've suffered type 2 diabetes for 6 years and now control it with my own devised diet after coming off medication.  I noticed you are type 1 diabetic.

My study course is quite difficult and does not follow conventional lines.  This morning I woke up with a theory about P and just wanted someone to run it by.

My course has given me a different perspective on the body.  It is a magnificent self-repairing machine, but it does go off the rails some times.  To keep it on the rails, it needs to be supplied with all the nutrients it needs, and modern diets can be a mile off that, so there are loads of people with either deficiencies or insufficiencies. 

The body also needs to have all its waste removed, and some things can compromise that.  So my theory is that candida overgrows due to killing off other beneficial gut bacteria (e.g. with antibiotics).  It mutates into fungal form creating effectively an infestation of the intestines.  This may or may not cause inflammation, but it damages the intestinal wall.  This damage then allows the passage of proteins (e.g. from meat — especially pork) out of the intestines and into other tissues.  These proteins are toxic to the body.  These accumulate in the liver and cause a toxic overload.  The only avenue left to the body is to try to eliminate the toxins through the skin.  P and possibly other diseases become manifest.

If this theory were correct, the main course of action would be to kill the candida, re-populate and maintain friendly bacteria in the gut, hope that the intestine wall will self-repair (there are things that can help, like aloe vera),  encourage the liver to cleanse by liver detoxification, maintain a nutritious and relative toxin-free diet, and avoid meat during the repair process.

That's it.  Have you come across anything that would either confirm or disprove this theory?  Please point me to it.

Just in passing, I came across something that purports to kill candida:  Wild Oregano Oil:

Coincidently, I'm 54 also.

Best Regards, -Nick


Ed’s Response:  Sounds pretty close to the "leaky gut" theory to me.  Pagano is perhaps the most common name associated with that theory as it relates to P.   With regard to the candidiasis connection, also note this correspondence exchange:  Candidiasis Therapy Beat My Psoriasis from Brenda P.  (Sorry the link inside this correspondence exchange no longer works.  You may try Googling some of the key words....)  Pagano isn't too specific about WHY the gut starts leaking toxins — other than to blame bad diet.  That candidiasis may be the catalyst for leaky gut has been proposed (and I think you are proposing) and I haven't seen other information that either confirms or challenges this.

I have received testimonials supporting both the dietary approach to defeating leaky gut and the elimination of candida yeast as palliative therapies for P.  The 'substance' behind either approach suggests individuals with the genetic proclivity to flake may be triggered by the actions of leaky gut, candida yeast, or both singly or in collusion.  Such genetic proclivity would be what distinguishes our psoriatic reaction to these factors from the millions of other individuals who have different or no responses to the activity of leaky gut or candida.  I tend to believe flakers who successfully relieve their P by combating leaky gut or candida do so because they are eliminating what for them is (or "are") a primary trigger (or "triggerS").  -Ed

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