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Kalawalla Straight From the Source
from Ron K.

Ed:  I developed P on my lower legs about a year ago.  I first though it was infections of some description and the doctors here treated me likewise to no avail.  I saw a dermatologist in a nearby city and he diagnosed my affliction as P.  I was on several pills and using two creams, Dermovate 30g and Daivobet 30g that helped me greatly and very fast too.  My spots went away in about 30 days but when I stopped the treatment they came back. 

A lady in the pharmacy here told me about Kalawalla, then I found out it grows wild here ( Honduras ) along the river banks in the mountains, so I got some from a mountain family and they showed me how to use it. 

It is a dark green plant with narrow leaves and pulpy stalk.  You pound the whole plant into a juicy pulp in a bowl (mortar and pestle fashion) and then smear the green slimy juice all over the spots before bedtime, let it dry and shower it off the next morning.

Does it work!  In six days the spots were almost gone and in a full 2 weeks they were only a figment of my memory.  When the spots begin to return, I get the plant and do the treatment for a day or so and all is well again for another few months. 

Here in selected drug stores you can get capsules of Kalawalla and the cost is  about $12.50 per bottle.  I have never taken the capsules but I understand it works for many people.  When you have an affliction, you begin to talk to different people and this is how I discovered how widespread P really is.

As a newbie to this P issue, I can confirm that the Kalawalla plant does work. -Ron K., Omoa , Honduras


Ed’s Response:  Thank you Ron! 

Readers:  Refresh your memory here:  Kalawalla Re-Investigated

The pricey Kalawalla preparations we can buy off the Internet may take a long time to work, but given what I’ve read about this remarkable plant, I’m not surprised that you got fast results by applying the fresh-ground plant directly to lesions.  In fact, this suggests to me that the active compounds in the plant work at the skin level, not the digestive or metabolic level, and one of the reasons it takes so long to work if consumed may be that the active compounds have got to migrate through the rest of us before they can get to the skin.

Since first hearing from Susan G. about Kalawalla in early 2002 — Kalawalla Helped Her — and subsequently getting substantial information on Kalawalla from Kathy N. in early 2004 — Kalawalla Re-Investigated — and now getting your first-hand report, Ron, Kalawalla is definitely on top of my list of natural things to try.

Thanks again.  -Ed

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