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Her Luck With Natural Remedies
from Anonymous in
Columbia , MO

Ed:  I've been reading your site for several years now and I've learned a lot of things.  I thought I'd share some of my experiences with you in hopes of at least giving ideas to some of your readers, as I've gotten many. 

I've had psoriasis for almost 15 years.  I've had bad times and better times.  About a year ago I stopped using steroid creams and coal tar preparations just to see what I'd be like without them.  I was spending a lot of time caring for my skin anyway, so I thought maybe I would just try some natural products instead.  

I found that Shea Butter is really good for my lesions and do weekly hot oil packs for my scalp.  I don't use salicylic acid preparations any more, either. I use a soft brush in the bath after an oil occlusion to help remove the scales on my skin and a wide tooth comb with an oil preparation to help remove scales from my scalp.  Being gentle is the key.  It's a tedious process, sure, but I feel like I have a little more control over it all now.  And I'm doing pretty good.  

When I first stopped using all meds I had a bad flare-up (as expected), but since then my skin's calmed down and I'm not worse than I was with the meds.  My regular routine includes natural oils and butters, homemade soap, and natural non-sulfate shampoos. 

I'm convinced that cod liver oil and flax seed oil help psoriasis.  However, there have been no overnight cures.  With regular use (at least a month or so), I notice that my skin isn't quite so sensitive, that my lesions aren't as inflamed.  I've not taken the oils longer than that so I don't know what my skin would be like.  (For whatever reason, I just stop taking them after about two months.)  I've recently started taking them again, with an intention of taking them regularly, so we'll see how long I last this time.

One thing that I had a problem with was taking the liquid oil.  I just couldn't get over the taste.  Flax is pretty bad by itself, but add to that cod liver oil and I just hate it!  It was then that I decided to take it in capsules.  These are pretty easy to get, most health food stores, and now even grocery stores have them.  I'd take them with meals because they'd be easier on my stomach that way. 

Recently though I went back to liquid because I've found a company that has a wonderfully flavored cod liver oil.   The oils that are 'molecularly distilled' have all the fish flavor removed.  They are sometimes labeled as pharmaceutical grade.    I got the orange flavored cod liver oil and I love it!  I've tried the plain too, and actually it doesn't have much flavor at all.   Now it's much easier for me to take and I try to take about 2 teaspoons a day.  We'll see if I can keep it up.

I haven't given you any brand names because I didn't want this to sound like an advertisement.  If you, or any of the readers are interested in specifics, let me know. 

Yours in flakes, -Anonymous in Columbia , MO


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for this.  Every now and then we get a report like yours from someone who has seriously pursued non-prescription products and regimens and who has achieved success at least equal to, if not better than, they were experiencing under a derm’s supervision and using prescription products. 

I find the underlying message in your email may be the most important, and I interpret that to be you must work at finding the things that work for you.  You obviously did that — and are continuing to do it — and I and lots of others who read this applaud you for that.

Hope to hear from you again, soon.  -Ed

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