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HPV & P — We’ll Ask Again
from Linda C.

Dear Ed:  I last wrote to you about my daughter's use of Amevive.

She now has been on Enbrel for 3 months, with good results. However, in November, she developed a tooth infection, which led to a gum biopsy, with a diagnosis of Epithelial dysplasia. This diagnosis prompted me to research this disease. Data researched guided me to HPV.  My daughter had been under a derm's care for warts until late 1999, at which time the last one was removed. She developed psoriasis a few months later. So I checked your site to see if you had any information relating HPV & P. Found correspondence from Andrew M. Have you had any response from readers who are known to have HPV?

Perhaps it could be helpful if more studies were done to explain the involvement of HPV in psoriasis pathology.  About Enbrel, what adverse effects would have to be detected for lab tests, etc. to be performed? Apparently, there will be no tests done while my daughter is receiving  Enbrel.  Hope this finds you well. Sincerely, -Linda C.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for bringing up the P/HPV subject again, Linda — because the silence on the subject since 2003 has been deafening.  Haven’t heard a thing.  Let me ask again.

DEAR READERS:  If any of you know you have the HPV virus (human papillomavirus) please drop me an email.  At this point, all we’re interested in is an association — not the particulars of anyone’s case.

Meanwhile ... I wonder what it would mean if there is an association between this virus and P?  Of course, the fact that certain viruses trigger P is no secret — Strep and Guttate P, for example — and I imagine that one day, when we understand both viruses and P better, we’ll be able to wend our way through the complicated logic of their relationship.  And it may or may not yield any clues to treatment or cure.  -Ed

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