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Psorederm Being Pitched in Scotland for Treating P
from Diane

Hello:  I am a P sufferer in Scotland (always get a jab of pain in my chest when I admit it!).  Anyway, the local press in my area have been raving about a skincare company located in Aberdeen in the North of Scotland.  The products are entirely natural and although I haven’t received my order yet, the company is a) endorsed on a free will basis by celebrities and b) about to be given a huge order by Molton Brown skin products. Whether it "works" or not, it appears to be of very high quality, very affordable and the way I see it, what’s the harm in giving it a bash?  Unless of course I have a negative reaction and flare up to lizard status.......but, PMA!

So, the address if you are interested is

A cream called Psorederm is highly recommended, just if you are interested.  I am supposed to be working and have been on your website for 5 hours now!

Hope that could be of some use to someone! -Diane


Ed’s Response:  Click here for the product description.  The active ingredients are, according to this description, lavender and calendula, and the palliative property of the cream is the relief it provides “dry, itchy areas of skin.”  Psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis are mentioned in the description, I think, because these conditions are accompanied by “dry, itchy areas of skin.” They also point out that the formulation is safe to use with other medications — which, I add, one might be using to actually treat the condition that caused the dry, itchy skin.

Almost everyone with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis has to use a lotion in addition to whatever they may be using to fight the lesions.  My inclination, based only on the published description, would be to place Psorederm Cream on the list of supplemental lotions that would be worth a try to fight the dryness and itchiness that accompanies plaque P.  If I hear that Psorederm, in and of itself, drove plaque P into remission, I would be most surprised.

I’m glad you are enjoying, Diane, but please don’t let our community get you fired!  <wink>  -Ed

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