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Sulfodene (for dogs) Worked for Her
from Katherine S.

CAUTION: Read Sulfodene May Not be Safe

Dear Ed:  I have had a bad case of scalp psoriasis and have been to two different doctors.  I have tried Derma-Smoothe/FS (Scalp Oil) it helped a little but did not get rid of it. Also used shampoos recommended by the doctors, still couldn't get rid of it. I tried different things that were healing to skin problems, also no good. Finally I got rid of it by using Sulfodene.

This is not a joke and I know it is for the use of skin irritation of dogs and you have to purchase it in the dog second or pet store. But I am living proof that it is a complete cure. It has not returned and I got rid of it 8 months ago. If you are interested in knowing how and how much to use I will send instructions.  Happily Cured, -Katherine S.


Ed’s Response:  I wasn’t able to find out what’s in Sulfodene.  That would be most interesting to know.  (I guess non-prescription pet products aren’t held to the same standards as products for humans.)  That said, I’m not surprised that something made for dogs might have helped your P, Katherine.  (Bag Balm was originally created to treat dry, cracked cow’s udders and now it’s stocked by many pharmacies for use by people with problem skin.)

Your experience with Sulfodene certainly explains your enthusiasm, but I must say that it doesn’t support your claim to be “living proof” of a “complete cure.”  Many more people will have to try Sulfodene and find it effective before we can consider your experience any “general indication.”  To that end, Katherine, I would be delighted to post the ingredients list — if it’s contained anywhere on the product packaging, please send it to me.

The fact that you’ve been using Sulfodene with remarkable success for 8 months certainly gets my attention.  Many OTC products will initially give good results but “wear out” much sooner than eight months.  For this reason, I really hope to hear from you again, including the “how” and “how much” information that has worked so remarkably for you.  Thanks! 

Anyone else having tried Sulfodene — or intending to — is invited to share their experiences with us.  -Ed

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